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Cleaning The Air Filters

Let’s just be honest here, we realize that there can be a lot of you that are reading this out of curiosity wondering why a carpet cleaning company would venture into cleaning air ducts. The reason that we actually first started to explore the possibility was that we noticed that a lot of the dust particles that were ultimately falling on carpets came directly from the air ducts.

In realizing this we were faced with a decision. Either allow air ducts to continue polluting carpets and give us more business or start cleaning air ducts and truly give people al ultimate cleaning experience. We chose the latter!   

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Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It? 

There has been a big movement to try and discredit air duct cleaning. As recently as the beginning of 2019 there was an article published by the Washington Post that wanted to address the issue. According to people who don’t believe in air vent cleaning, there is no evidence to support the idea that a clean air vent is actually better. Just out of common sense we can see every day that the wind can pick up sand and dirt and take them to other places. Air ducts that have dust even other things like mold built up in them take that dust with them and to the inside of your home!


Family Safety

Another reason why we really believe that air duct cleaning services are effective is that it keeps dust and other types of things from your walls or your carpets. Some air vents are located in a spot where they can easily be reached by toddlers or pets. These out of curiosity are bound to want to explore the air vent and could end up bringing a lot of dust and germs along with them causing them to become ill. If you could avoid that outright, why wouldn’t you?

What We Actually Do

We have all of the necessary equipment to clean through an air vent. A doubt that a lot of people have is whether the equipment that we use for carpets can be applied to air vents. The answer is no. Other than doing some minor cleaning of the actual vent from the outside with one of our vacuum cleaners from time to time we actually specialized equipment to clean through the air vent picking up all sorts of dust particles that could have built up there!  

Can I Get A Carpet/ Air Duct Combo?

You sure can we love getting the opportunity to mix and match all of the different services that we offer. We are constantly setting up new deals at great prices for our clients. If you want to know more about these deals and how we could arrive at your home in a matter of minutes give us a call or contact us. We will then proceed to give you a rundown of the service so that you can make the best purchase for your home and your family!  For a solid duct cleaning experience, give us a call now!

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