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This is our main service page and we want to use to inform you of some of the ways that we actually go about cleaning carpets. Here you will also be able to find some stories and descriptions on how we actually work. At times it can be tough for consumers to find the right company to work regardless of what type of service they are looking for. That is mostly because these days you can really touch up a lot of the pictures.

When it comes to carpet cleaning services, it is going to be difficult to trust a company because you can certainly clean a carpet a lot easier in Photoshop than you can in real life. So we wanted to share with you some details about the process!

You may read here about professional carpet cleaning vs DIY, where you will figure out if professional carpet cleaning is better than doing it yourself.

Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum

Coming In With A Plan In Mind

We have openly criticized other companies for just coming in and wanting to clean all the carpets exactly the same.  You won’t get effective carpet stain removal with shoddy work.  The problem of getting consistent results is what might elude you. What we do is we come in and we give the carpet a good inspection all the way through and then we decide what the next course of action as going to be! 


Different Carpets Different Methods

As a general rule, we want to use as less water as we can. That does not mean though that steam cleaning is always going to be the go-to option. There are different types of ways that we will be able to clean carpets. Some will involve using very powerful vacuum cleaners and other types of equipment. The main idea is to clean the carpet without it losing any of its properties or having any sort of issues in doing so!  


Office Cleaning

Most office buildings and even stores these days will have some form of carpet floors installed. As you probably can tell these types of carpets are usually not as thick or overall high quality as what you may find in a home. This gives a lot of people the wrong impression and they think that they can clean them out just with soap and water. We can come into your office outside your normal business hours so that we are not bothering anyone. And provide a truly professional cleaning service that will clean the carpets thoroughly!


Clearing Up Some Myths 

There are plenty of people out there that are against cleaning their carpets because they believe that, what we would consider a proper carpet cleaner service, will actually deteriorate their carpet. If you believe that, that is perfectly fine we just want to clear something up. Cleaning your carpet a reasonable amount of times in a year is not going to do it any harm. On the contrary, it can help out a lot! If you were to have it cleaned daily then you may be facing some trouble, but that is just not going to be the case. 

How to Clean Carpets the Right Way

Cleaning carpets is something that you have to take seriously, given the fact that carpets are basically dust and odor magnets. They’re expensive to replace too when left in a state of disarray which is why in this article, we’ll show you the best practices of how to clean carpets the right way, starting from how often do you have to vacuum to how to get rid of annoying carpet odors.


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