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If you have a situation that’s causing your carpets to rip or develop holes in a specific area you will not necessarily have to go out and buy an entirely new carpet. There are different things that we can do to repair these broken carpets. To a point where you are going to be able to feel comfortable with the overall results so much so that you will continue to use the carpet. We usually talk about minor repairs.

That is not to say that we can’t repair a large area. The thing is when a rip or something similar to that occurs in a large carpet a large part of it could be separated from its original binding or attachment. The size of the issue does not always dictate the severity of it. We are going to explain this here shortly!  

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What Are My Options

When you happen to have these types of carpet issues it is only natural that you are going to want to explore your options. If you think that the carpet could potentially be repaired then give us a call! What we will do then, is provide a full inspection of the carpet and then based on that we will give our diagnosis. You can rest assured that in doing so we will always have your best interest at heart!

Can You Repair All Sorts Of Carpets?

To be 100% honest we don’t want to make any promises here. We have worked on many different types of carpets that have obviously been made from different materials. What is really going to determine whether or not we are able to repair the carpet is going to be the severity of the issue. As we have mentioned though there are different ways to evaluate that. What we wouldn’t want to do though is patch carpets with different types of materials that are different from what they were originally made out of!

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Office Carpet Repairs

These days most office buildings are covered with carpets, and really depending on the type of daily activity that goes on these carpets or more or less prone to have issues develop in them. That said most carpets that are commonly used in offices are very easy repairs. Even when you believe that a large part of the carpet has kind of come loose. The fact that these carpets are usually made from fabric that can easily be sewn back together is bound to make these types of carpets a perfect candidate.

We, Will, Let You Run The Numbers 

Maybe your carpet is full of patches.  Best a traditional carpet stretcher is what you need.  As a company, we strongly believe that we have to be 100% honest with our clients regardless of the situation. If you want us to come in and provide an estimate for you on the repairs so that you can evaluate whether or not that cost is worth it, we can go ahead and do so. This sort of goes back to the point that we made in the second paragraph what we can provide ultimately are more options!    From solutions for a carpet patch, carpet stretching, or a good ol’ traditional carpet fixing, we have you covered.

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