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If you are a business owner, it’s important to always maintain a professional and clean appearance because this can affect a client’s perception of your company. 

Image may not be everything in life, but in the case of your commercial carpets, it most certainly is. 

Your office or commercial space should mirror the same attention to detail and sophistication you would want to give current prospects and existing clients. 

Whether you want to believe it or not, office aesthetics, from the furniture down to the carpet, are just as important as the service you deliver. 


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It is imperative that customers are left with a good impression when stepping inside your commercial space or office, and that your employees feel just as confident as well. 

Over time, your once beautiful commercial carpet will gradually deteriorate and accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. You can blame in-office activities and general everyday foot traffic for that. 

If not handled immediately, this can result in damage and carpet repairs that will cost you a fortune. This worst-case scenario can be easily avoided if you enlist in our commercial carpet cleaning service. 

When booking the A.Bees Lakeland Carpet Cleaners, our team of professional cleaners will come to your establishment for a FREE initial inspection. That’s right, our initial inspection is complimentary. 

During the pre-inspection, we will help you decide the best treatment for your commercial carpet cleaning needs. We will then schedule the actual cleaning at your most convenient time. 

Prior to the actual commercial carpet cleaning appointment, our punctual and well-trained cleaning staff will brief you on the cleaning process and help answer any questions you may have. 

While our primary focus is the cleanliness of your carpet, we also want to ensure we maintain the quality of your carpeted floors. That is why we offer carpet maintenance programs as well as emergency response services as well. 

The techniques, equipment, and chemicals we use will get the job done but are also environment-friendly and gentle to any kind of carpet. 

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The A.Bees Lakeland Carpet Cleaners offer effective and thorough cleaning packages for all your commercial carpet cleaning needs. 

In our basic cleaning package, our cleaning experts will conduct:

  • An initial cleaning of your carpet using a rotary scrub machine with a buffer to wash away any stagnant dirt. This machine will not only tackle any grime and dirt that is difficult to remove, but it will use less water during the process. That means your drying time will be much faster. 
  • deep washing of your commercial carpet, such as a steam cleaning, that vigorously removes dirt and up to 90% bacteria. This is then followed by a dirty water extraction. 
  • drying treatment that uses the rotary scrub machine with a buffer to dry your commercial carpet, restoring its beauty. 

For specialized commercial carpet cleaning and care, we also offer the following: 

  • Spot Cleansing: we look for spots and stains that may leave a mark on your carpet, paying special attention to areas that are frequently used
  • Anti-Stain Protection: having stains in your corporate carpets can greatly impact the perception of your business. Apply our anti-stain treatment to your high-traffic carpets to give it that extra layer of protection 
  • Deep Soil Removal: this service gives tough stains the deepest clean. Usually done yearly, this treatment will help you avoid the build-up of soil and grime deep in your carpet. 
  • High-Traffic Cleaning: it’s important to ensure that the main walkways of your business or office space are especially clean, as these are the most visible areas. This service is optimized to do just that, cleaning the areas of your commercial carpet where there is heavy foot traffic.  
  • Carpet Deodorizing: Your commercial carpets need more than just perfume to keep foul odors at bay. While spraying some Febreze on your carpets may temporarily cover up any bad smells, it’s important to invest in having your odors removed professionally. That’s because our carpet odor remover contains active ingredients to neutralize carpet dwelling bacteria. 
  • Water Damage Clean Up: Water damage to your carpets requires immediate attention. At A.Bees Lakeland Carpet Cleaners, we use only the latest techniques to ensure that the water is removed from your carpets as fast as possible. We will also work to restore your carpets to their state prior to the water damage incurred. 

Serving businesses in Lakeland and its nearby cities for many years now, we have proven to be a commercial carpet cleaner that is efficient, affordable, and genuine. 

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