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When looking to hire carpet cleaning services, you may have to wade through a sea of businesses to find the right one. Locating trustworthy and reliable commercial carpet cleaning services in Polk County, Florida can be a difficult and daunting task.

There are many companies that make bad claims, have questionable technicians, promote misleading ads and don’t deliver what they promise. Some will even leave your carpeting in worse condition than before they touched it!

The biggest red-flag for a commercial carpet cleaning company is their quote process. If they do not give you a free estimate, run fast and far. Professional and respectable carpet cleaning services should not ask for any amount of money in exchange for a quote or estimate.

Sadly, determining a company’s authenticity only by their quote process isn’t that simple. There are other questions you should ask to ensure their credibility. Whether you’re talking to us at A.Bees Lakeland Carpet Cleaners or some other carpet cleaning company, don’t hesitate to give the third degree.

Here are four of the most important questions for hiring commercial carpet cleaning services. Please allow this list to inspire others you may have when hiring commercial carpet cleaning services. These should reflect your unique needs and circumstances along with any concerns you may have.

1. Can I Get a Written Estimate?

Any carpet cleaning company worth their salt will offer you a free estimate or quote. It is only right and proper to have a documented and itemized list of services with a total estimated cost.

This protects you against surprise fees and adjustments later on. It also keeps technicians honest and on track. Very rarely should we have to add more services during the course of a job.

Because we’re such a trusted carpet cleaning company in Lakeland, it’s our pleasure to give you the best and most accurate quote. Our well-trained technicians also give a free pre-inspection to assess what carpet cleaning solutions you need.

Once we’ve assessed the problem, we will hand you a quote with a detailed breakdown of everything included in the services we expect to perform. We would never want to approach any job without a solid plan of attack.


2. What Kinds of Techniques & Equipment Do You Have for Carpet Cleaning?

This is a crucial question when hiring a carpet cleaner from anywhere in Polk County. The kind of rug or carpet you have will determine the process and how long it will take to clean.

The most recommended cleaning technique used by most carpet cleaning service providers is a hot water extraction process with a steam cleaner. This will give your rug or carpet a deep clean that helps remove the worst and most annoying gunk, soil and filth.

Please note, though, that hot water extraction cannot clean rugs and carpets alone, this is why it’s a good idea to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Doing so will ensure the life of your carpet and help save money down the road.

A.Bees Lakeland Carpet Cleaners will not only apply this most popular cleaning method, but we also have a whole host of tools and services to get rid of any ground-in dirt and stains. Actually, we use as little water as possible. 

Our technicians ensure the use of the most effective means for a stain-free and flawless carpet, thus retaining the life of your carpet. This means steam cleaning may not always be the appropriate option. Sometimes we’ll use a very powerful vacuum. If there’s damage to the rug, we can also offer carpet stretching and repair.

As for wet carpet cleaning, it is an urgent matter. To learn more about the best thing to do when your carpet gets wet, you need to consider several things when drying wet carpets. And for assistance, our carpet cleaning experts have an arsenal of tools and services available.


3. Are Your Technicians Insured and Qualified?

Any carpet cleaning company must have insurance for their technicians while on duty. This means you are not responsible for any injuries they may incur.

When it comes to liability in regards to objects broken by our technicians as a result of moving, there are some limits. If you have concerns about liability and coverage, you may have a copy of all available insurance documents.

We are happy to move things like tables, chairs and couches but not appliances or large pieces of furniture. Also, please move priceless and/or delicate items to a secure place before the service begins.

An imperative aspect to any professional carpet cleaning is a technician’s experience. The more years and training they have, the better quality the job they will perform. 

All experts and technicians at A.Bees Lakeland Carpet Cleaners receive certifications and thorough background checks. Our team undergoes regular training to stay up-to-date with new cleaning techniques and methods.


4. Can You Guarantee Your Services in Writing?

It is compulsory for any company in Lakeland, Florida to guarantee services in writing. A written contract assures services, quality and best-price practices.

If there are any problems after the cleaning, like new or remaining stains, you should be able to have them return and wash it again at no further cost to you and without hassle.

We provide high standards of quality and professionalism with every service we offer. Testimonials from clients attest to this, making us a trusted carpet cleaning company in Lakeland, Florida. The skill and expertise of our team ensures you will receive the utmost efficiency and proper care.

Our expert cleaners exude the most friendly, high quality and courteous customer service during the entire carpet cleaning process, including the estimate. For more general air quality tips, check out the professional cleaning services, which will keep your office air quality clean and fresh.


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