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Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean and sanitize most of your items. Over the years, so much gunk and grime accumulate on your carpet or furniture that a deep clean is a must. The process has been tried and tested throughout the years and has proven extremely effective, especially in dusty states like Florida.

As with all things those professionals do, steam cleaning does not come cheap. Depending on what you get steam cleaned, in Lakeland, it will run you between $50 – $500. The price of steam cleaning varies if you get carpets or rugs, drapes, or furniture cleaned.

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is used to get rid of bacteria, mold, mildew, and dirt on hard surfaces like carpets, drapes, and leather. When all else fails, steam cleaning can be a cure-all that completely cleans your furniture, especially if you have animals like dogs or cats.

Unlike other cleaning methods, steam cleaning is not affected by cold temperatures. Steam cleaning uses a specific machine that heats water at temperatures between 150° and 300° Fahrenheit (66-149° Celsius) that produces vapor that is then applied to the surface of the object. The steam gets into the fibers and absorbs the entire gunk out.

Steam Cleaning Sofa Using A Small Steam Cleaner

The heat alone kills 99% of bacteria with around 3 minutes of constant contact with the object. The only downside is that you have quite a lot of downtime with your carpet or furniture because it becomes completely soaked and you have to wait for it dry.

With A. Bees Lakeland Carpet Cleaners, you can steam clean just about anything from your couches to your indoor or outdoor furniture to your car seats and your animal cages. Steam cleaners have gone from a one-task device that you shove in a closet to a multi-tool that has everything you need to remove dirt from practically any surface.


Cost of Steam Cleaning

For those living in Lakeland, you can ask A. Bees Lakeland Carpet Cleaners how much it would cost to steam clean your carpet, how long it takes, and how often you should be doing it. The company recommends deep cleaning one to three times per year. It takes anywhere from an hour to the whole day, depending on the surface area.

The cost of steam cleaning ranges from $50 – $500. There are several factors that contribute to the cost including the surface area, the type of material that needs to be cleaned, the amount of labor needed and the equipment used. The following examples are of different sized homes that hire a professional carpet cleaner that is bonded and fully insured to deep clean your home.

Professional Steam Cleaning The Carpet

For a home in Lakeland that needs around 300 square feet of steam cleaning, it will take around 3.5 hours to complete and you’ll end up spending between $109 – $133 for the labor and $40 – $64 for the equipment giving you a total cost of $197 at most.

For a medium sized home of 800 square feet, labor for nine hours of work will run your $267 – $329 and equipment use will end up costing the same $40 – $64, totaling $307-$393.

For a massive house that needs around 2500 square feet of cleaning, the cost will likely run you around $860 – $1075. With the breakdown of $40 – $64 for equipment and a whopping $821 – $1000 for labor that will take more than 27 hours to complete.  

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than a clean house. Ensuring that your home is sanitized and clean is worth spending money on. You can trust A. Bees Lakeland Carpet Cleaners to make sure that your steam cleaning needs are met and done right.

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