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There is an argument to be made that there a lot of misinformation about area rug cleaning has actually lead to many people fearing services such as this. There was some sort of “common knowledge” that stated that traditional or fancy oriental rug cleaning should never be done. This has actually spread around so much that plenty of people these days subscribe to the theory. We would be lying to you if we told you that this idea has not hurt our sales in any way. Particularly when talking about our professional rug cleaning services. So, we want to take the opportunity to give our expert opinion on the matter! 

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The No Clean Myth

If you read through the site after you read this next paragraph you are going to realize that we address this type of fear a lot. Maybe not directly talking about this myth that applies to fancy rugs. In any case, we are 100% in agreement with the people who say that you shouldn’t try to clean fancy rugs on your own. Soap, water and drying it out in the sun as you would do to your rubber car rugs is definitely out of the question. That being said, there are different ways that we can clean each type of fabric. So, this myth about not cleaning them at all is 100% false!  

Steam Cleaning Method

Steam Cleaning & Other Methods  

One of our more popular methods of cleaning is our steam cleaning method. We use it on carpets and we use it on other types of fabrics as well. There are certain rugs that we can treat this way as well and expect very good results. As far as some rugs go we may want to clean them in house. The reason that we do this is because, the cleaning and drying processes have to be done just right so that we can achieve optimal results! 


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Proper Drying Is Essential

Laying out a fancy rug to dry out in the sun is definitely not the best idea that you could have, as we have already mentioned. A lot of people will tell you to let them dry in the shade. That can help the fabric as it will not end up hardening as it will sometimes if you lay it out in the sun. In these cases, though the fabric could remain wet for a long time and that moisture is going to penetrate the rug leaving an awful smell that is going to be hard to get rid off. We can apply different drying methods that are just as important to the overall result as any other thing that we can do, to be honest! 

Cleaning Unique Texture Carpet

The Type of Fabric Will Determine The Strategy

If you have noticed we are not keen on letting people know that we will be done within thirty or twenty minutes. The reason that we don’t do that is very simple. The type of fabric that we are working with will be the one that determines the duration of the process. If you want to get things done right you may have to wait a while at times!

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