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Furniture cleaning, or sofa cleaning isn’t just a matter of finding the best couch cleaner solution in your local grocery store. Pretty much regardless of what your home lifestyle looks like your upholstery furniture is bound to have a rough go and wear down over time. Having a go-to company that you know can help make sure that these furniture sets stay as clean as can be has proven to be very convenient.

Just ask a couple of our previous customers! With that said though, we do have a couple of things that we are going to want to clear with regards to the way that we work. Spoiler warning, these next paragraphs may contain information that could be useful to pet owners and people in general!

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Where Do We Draw The Line

We get a lot of calls from people that have read somewhere that we do upholstery cleaning and their questions are mostly about other types of furniture that we may be able to clean. Since this has become a common theme we want to help set the record straight ahead of time. This particular service is mostly limited to cleaning upholstered furniture. That does not mean though that we can’t clean other types of furniture. What may happen is that will have to use other types of methods to clean those particular types of furniture.


Knowing What We Are Getting Into

As pretty much company policy we always go through a rundown of the area that we are going to clean before we do anything else. The reason that we do this is to make sure that we are dealing with the material that the client initially reported. You may be surprised to find out that there are times where people are not actually certain what type of fabric their furniture is made out of. This helps us make sure we are utilizing the right type of strategy. Also, it helps us spot stains or issues that could potentially require a little something extra! 


Pet Hairs & Stains  

A common issue that leads people to give us a call is the presence of pets hairs and, or stains in their furniture. At times just running a vacuum cleaner through the furniture is not going to get the job done. If you have tried that and you are not 100% satisfied with the results you should definitely give us a call. As far as stains go we are not only going to be able to remove them from your furniture we can also apply different types of chemicals to make sure that we can remove the different odors that may be felt in the area! 


Is Overdoing It Negative

We have actually talked about this on other pages and regarding other types of services. There are a lot of people and even online forums that are going to warn you against us. We don’t mean us in particular just professional cleaners in general. The concern states that overdoing these types of cleaning services are going to wear down your furniture even more. We have results though that show that getting your furniture cleaned a couple of times a year is extremely beneficial in many different ways!  For the best upholstery cleaner service, contact us today.

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